Decision Support Software for Agriculture

The GRAZPLAN project at CSIRO Plant Industry has developed a series of computer models that are the basis of three commercially available decision support (DS) tools. These tools are intended to help farmers to make decisions about their farm management based on findings from scientific research. They are aimed not only at farmers and farm advisors, but also at industry organisations, agribusiness, banks and insurance companies.

GrazFeed GrassGro MetAccess AusFarm

AusFarm 1.4.13 available

An update to 1.4.13 has a number of new features and fixes. See the release notes.

AusFarm 1.4.12 Available

A new update for AusFarm is now available. See the release notes for features

AusFarm training Jan 2015

AusFarm training is planned for Jan 27th - 29th 2015.
Three day course

GrazFeed 5.0.5 has been released

An update of GrazFeed has been released. Check the release notes for details.

GrassGro 3.3.3 released

An update has been released. Check the release notes for details.

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